Workout to be performed once or twice a week

If you are following a program to lose weight you might be interested in checking out the fat loss workout below.

are similar to a squat but the difference is that you have to jump on your toes with each rep. Stand with your legs and place your hands on your shoulders and jump as low as you can while still being on your toes. This will increase the overall muscular endurance in your legs. This is done by performing jumps and squats continuously throughout the day or in between the sets of your regular jump rope program. It will help prevent injury and improve your overall strength by increasing the amount of work you can handle without feeling too tired or sore the next day. These can be done on your feet at the squat rack or on the floor. Don't forget to warm-up with some jump rope hops.
man squatting
are done better than you would think. Find the same position you would use when you squat, then as you jump up onto the step press forward with your feet; this is done while balancing on the step. Keep your center of balance directly over the base of your support. The goal is to do as many step ups as you can in a couple of minutes then add the number of step ups that you can do today, tomorrow and each day for two weeks. How many would you like to see on the scale after two weeks?

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can be done barefoot on the floor or on a stair and will help improve your strength and balance. You lift a bar so that it is directly behind you. Your feet are parallel and together. If you do this long enough your weight loss goal may not be an issue in time. You can also use this technique to improve your overall flexibility and decrease your risk of injury.