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  1. Jumping rope for core strength: Shake up your exercise routine

    Fun and effective way to improve balance and strengthen your core.

    It's about time to get moving and shake up your stale exercise routine. It doesn't matter if you're just starting or maintaining a high level of fitness, this year is the year to do it! Let's make exercise a habit, so we can keep our bodies fit and healthy. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends working out three days a week.

    man doing a plank

    It's important to add balance to your fitness routine, as many of …

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  2. Try not to do too many exercises at once

    If the body is tired it will get rid of energy.

    For example, you get up from a good sleep and the body is tired. If you train the same one activity, and you put it on too soon, you’ll fatigue quickly. So, do not do too much at once. This is one of the greatest advantages that will help you get in shape. A healthy body is something everyone can be happy about! No matter if you’re a baby, a child, or …

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