Jumping rope for core strength: Shake up your exercise routine

Fun and effective way to improve balance and strengthen your core.

It's about time to get moving and shake up your stale exercise routine. It doesn't matter if you're just starting or maintaining a high level of fitness, this year is the year to do it! Let's make exercise a habit, so we can keep our bodies fit and healthy. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends working out three days a week.

man doing a plank

It's important to add balance to your fitness routine, as many of us suffer from health issues due to lack of balance and overuse of the same muscle groups. If you've experienced back pain, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel, or knee pain, it's time to change that. Let's focus on one muscle group in particular - the core. The core is a crucial part of our body's ability to move and function fully. It's like the frame or structure for our entire body. It's also responsible for all fours (hands and feet) working together so we can walk, run, or dance.


When we talk about the core, we're referring to those four muscles that make up the muscle group. They're called the rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, internal oblique, and external oblique. These four muscles are essential for our physical functioning and movement. Did you know that there are only a total of 16 muscles in the body? Of these 16, nine are located in the legs, two in the arms, and three in the chest. Even though we have three big muscles in the chest and two in the arms, what we do with them has a lot to do with our movement and function. That's why it makes sense to focus our attention and strength on all four muscles that make up the core.


So how do we strengthen the core? One great way is by jumping rope! To jump rope with the training jump rope is a fun and effective way to incorporate balance and core strength into your workout routine. Not only is it an excellent cardiovascular exercise, but it also engages the core muscles to keep you stable and balanced while you jump.