Be confident in your jump rope skills and your rope

There are three basic jump rope exercises for your feet and lower legs.

They're for people like you. If you're the typical young athlete, don't worry if one seems daunting. If one seems easy, well, you're probably young, just like us. We have found a new way to measure your results by using a ropejumprope instead of a typical jump rope .

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If you are in your mid to late teens, or more, and have not completed our Jump Rope 101 class, this class is for you. It covers the techniques needed to jump rope correctly. It also covers the basic exercises used to develop power and strength in your feet and legs. It covers basic exercises for people who have not jumped rope before, or only recently. It even covers basic gymnastics training. The basic exercises we have covered in this class can be done to improve both your strength and conditioning. We have also included the basic gymnastics moves you can use to enhance your basic exercises. For beginners, these exercises can be done at home. For more seasoned jump ropers, use the basic exercises in this course as a way of measuring the speed and power you have developed.

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You can also go back and review some of the basic exercises for the legs and feet to work on different parts of your body. The course also covers some of the basic exercises we use to develop speed and power in the feet and lower legs, as well as, the feet. This is just a start. If you would like to see a video demonstration of these exercises, or if you would like to know more about them, please contact us at You will have to work the basic exercises on a regular basis. You can also do them for fun, and as a way of motivating yourself to do your strength training.